Learner Reviews

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Twice the Happines

"I do feel I'm learning something useful, and I am very thankful to have found Cudoo. I also appreciate that after I complete a course, Cudoo provides a course free to a needy student somewhere in the world. That makes it all worthwhile."

Suzanne Rutherford

Just What I Was Looking For

"I'm fairly satisfied with the courses and have had a good start on the Telugu course I have already enrolled in. I can't wait for the other levels to follow."


A Great Way to Learn

"Cudoo is an incredible platform. I really enjoy listening to the audio and watching the colorful illustrations. It's very easy to navigate and learn new languages. Absolutely love the fact that they gives free courses to someone in need when I complete any course. What an awesome idea!"

Ulrike Dinglreiter

The Perks of Self-Study

"I am satisfied with the Papiamento beginners course I've begun. I'm 80 plus years of age so it is going to take me longer to learn. I do appreciate that the lessons are at one's own individual pace which encourages me to continue at my slow pace. I repeat individual lessons almost each day so that I can really grasp and learn the words properly."

William Tyler

Non-Profit Partner Reviews

Read real reviews from our partners and how our donated courses have made a real impact

"Thanks to Cudoo, I now fully understand what soft skills are all about. The different topics and modules of study have added to my knowledge scope. The practical aspect has made my everyday interactions fun because it has both consciously and unconsciously improved my interpersonal skills. Thank you so much Cudoo because I learned to become an active listener and that has boosted my communication skills and increased my self-esteem. I am no longer worried about how to deal with conflict, thanks to the conflict resolution course I took."

Brenda E., a participant of the Evolvin’ Women program, Ghana

“Evolvin’ Women has granted vocational training and education which will make me a recognized professional. The Evolvin’ Women program will help me build competence through an international experience with some of the best names in the industry.” The training will in effect increase my chances of gaining employment in any hotel in Ghana and the world at large. It will contribute significantly to my success in life, making my story even more inspiring to share. I believe this is the best opportunity for me to gain international training in the hospitality industry. So far, such training are highly ranked locally and have proven to be more thorough and holistic.”

Brenda E., a participant of the Evolvin’ Women program, Ghana

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Over 160 languages

There are many great reasons to learn new languages. You learn it for love, business, better travel experiences or for the opportunity to bond with another culture. There are also countless benefits of learning a language that makes the entire journey worthwhile. Start learning now from 160+ languages and dialects.

Professional Development

Transform your performance in the workplace, reach your goals and create a more meaningful life by learning new skills. Soft skills play a crucial role in the hiring process adding strength to your resume and creating more opportunities for advancement.

Purchase a Course, Give a Course

For every course you purchase, we donate a course to someone in need through our partnerships with charities worldwide. Together we can help end the cycle of poverty through education. How it works